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Business Word of the Day


I usually don’t like TIE-INS, such as a Pocahontas doll or Batman computer games.

= products such as a record, book or toy that is connected with a new film, TV show etc.

- produkty powiązane z nowymi produkcjami filmowymi bądź telewizyjnymi, takie jak książki, muzyka, zabawki, gry itp.


KIWI /’ki:wi:/

  • a flightless bird
  • an egg-sized fruit

but also….

The New Zealand dollar (sign: $; code: NZD) – the currency of New Zealand. In the context of currency trading, it is often informally called the “Kiwi”, since kiwi are commonly associated with New Zealand and the $1 coin depicts a kiwi.

If you hear: ‘The Kiwi is up this morning vs. the Dollar and Yen’ you know it does not refer to the flightless bird.

Informally, it may also be used to refer to a New Zealander.