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Legal English

For whom?

Legal English training programmes are aimed at lawyers, law students and people who deal with legal language in their professional practice.

Training programme

The programme is set to explore various law-related fields, selected with respect for the specific needs and competence of the learners involved. These include:
  • Reading and understanding legal documents
  • Formal correspondence
  • Preparing documents
  • Presentations
  • Grammatical structures used in legal documents
  • “Legal English“ conversations


Form of training

Depending on participants’ position, type of work and their learning goals, we organise individual or group training sessions.


Training programmes and sessions schedules are planned with every client separately.


The effectiveness of our training programmes is the result of a detailed analysis of current competence of participants and their needs, followed by choosing the best form of training, as well as suitable teachers and materials. We also provide regular progress assessment.



We help to prepare for the following exams:


Training fees

A detailed fee specification and payment plan is established individually depending on the number of participants, location, expected number of training sessions and their duration.